Everything You Need to Know About Planting Trees and Shrubs in Fall

Everything You Need to Know About Planting Trees and Shrubs in Fall

Fall is a great time to plant!

In the world of gardening, some people think that when fall comes, it's time to stop planting trees and shrubs. But actually, fall is a fantastic time to plant trees, shrubs, and other plants. The secret is that fall planting helps roots grow strong. Planting trees and shrubs in the fall lets their roots grow before the hot summer returns. Plants will have time to get established before winter, giving them a head start over shrubs in the spring.

Can I plant trees during fall?

The cooler and wetter fall weather is just right for planting trees. With more rain and lower temperatures, you won't need to water them as much. As the days get cooler and shorter, and the leaves stop growing, trees don't need as much water. Stable air temperatures help their roots grow quickly. Even when the air gets colder, the ground stays warm, which is perfect for root growth. Trees use this time to establish new roots before the warm weather makes them grow on top.

Benefits of planting during fall

Planting in the fall has many benefits. Trees planted in the fall can handle heat and dry conditions better in the next year. You can also choose trees and shrubs based on the pretty colors they show in the fall. Some good shade and specimen tree options for fall planting are  'October Glory' maple'Autumn Blaze' maple'Sun Valley' mapleChamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula'Dwarf Alberta SpruceGlobosa Blue SpruceTamukeyama Japanese Maple, and Coral Bark Japanese Maple. We also carry several popular privacy tree options like the Thuja 'Green Giant' tree'Murray' Cypress tree'Nellie Stevens' Holly tree, and the 'Emerald Green' Arborvitae tree.

Fall Planting Benefits Summary

  1. Cooler temperatures help roots get established before the heat of next summer
  2. Plants do not need to be watered as frequently during winter
  3. Fall planting makes way for bigger spring blooms and growth
  4. Planting evergreens provides colorful interest during winter

How to Plant Trees and Shrubs

Follow this guide for best fall planting results!

How To Plant Trees and Shrubs Guide

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