10 Plants that don't need sun!

There is no perfect yard. The most common dilemma is sunlight. Do I get to much sun or not enough sun? In this article we are going to go over Our top 10 list of plants that require little to no sun.

1. Fern

Ferns are a great plant to start off with in your landscape if you have a shady yard. There are a variety of ferns out there! They typically stay within 1-3ft tall and wide. Some of them will hold their green color year-round and they make for a great ground cover or accent plant.

2. Hosta

Like ferns Hosta are a great colorful accent that require little to no sun. They are a great starting point for your flower bed because of their consistency and looks. They are even great as a ground cover that can add texture to your garden and are great for edging your flower bed!

3. Carex Grass

This variety of ornamental grass is a great evergreen option to create a sleek, clean looking border. They grow around 10in tall and 4-6in wide. They come in a variety of colors and they are deer resistant!

4. Coral Bells

Now for something with some blooms and amazing color choices! This beautiful hardy perennial doesn't take up much room in the garden and is typically evergreen. Perfect accent to add that much needed color in the shade garden!

5. Camelia

Evergreen shrub with beautiful blooms in early Spring or Fall. Great in part sun to shade. Good choice for that pesky shady spot. They can get up to an average of 8ft tall and about 4-5ft wide.

6. Shade Hydrangea

Shade hydrangeas have mop head blooms. They have variations of blue, pink, and purple blooms and have big dark green leaves. These Summer blooming shade lovers are great for cut-flower arrangements.

7. Azalea

Azaleas in general add a great feel to any landscape. Different varieties offer different blooms from pink, red, purple, and white! Arguably the most popular plants in the south because of how accommodating they are to different atmospheres!

8. Holly

There are many different varieties of holly out there. Holly can be used for privacy or a focal point in your garden. An easy way to know if the variety that your looking at will do good in the shade is to make sure it produces those beautiful red berries! Great attraction for birds.

9. Illicium 

A rapid growing, low maintenance shrub that belongs in any southern garden. This plant averages 8-10ft tall here in the Carolinas. These blossom in the early Spring putting off red petals! Deer resistant!

10. Lenton Rose or Hellebores

This shade loving perianal has a beautiful variation of colors. These are easy to maintain and bloom in late Winter/early Spring to remind you that beautiful flowers are right around the corner. Evergreen as well!