Distylium: The Next Big Thing

Distylium is a relatively new shrub in the plant industry. Popularized by it's vigorous growth habit and superior versatility this evergreen plant makes a great addition in many different landscapes and locations across the Southeastern United States. It's becoming a popular alternative to traditional landscape shrubs such as Hollies, Boxwoods, and Hawthorns due to it's unique colors and exceptional hardiness.

There are multiple varieties of Distylium some large and some small. One of our favorite varieties of Distylium is "Coppertone." "Coppertone" Distylium is a mid-sized variety reaching only 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide. This evergreen shrub has nearly year round interest as the new growth emerges with Coppery-red leaves that mature to a soothing blue-green color while also producing small, bright red flowers during the winter. It does well in wet soil and and it's also extremely heat and drought tolerant. To top it all off, Coppertone Distylium (and all varieties of Distylium) have remarkable disease and Insect resistance.

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