Oh How We Love The Smell of Gardenia's

Check out these beautiful Frost Proof Gardenia shrubs! These evergreen, compact shrubs offer amazing fragrance during the bloom season! Growing only 4 feet by 4 feet, in 8-10 years makes this a fantastic foundational landscape plant. Loves sun!

The best time to prune your fragrant Gardenia shrubs in the Southeast is in the spring time around mid April. Pruning is the best way to keep your Gardenia healthy and looking neat and organized. It also promotes new growth and more blooms.

Gardenias thrive in well drained soil. When planting Gardenia's our suggestion is to dig the hole twice as wide as the pot, and not too deep. It's best to keep about 2 inches of the root ball above ground for increased drainage. Do not leave the root ball exposed, cover with mulch or a light layer of soil. We recommend planting Gardenias with Daddy Pete's Raised Bed Mix to give your Gardenias extraordinary drainage.

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