There Is Hope For Full Shade

It can be challenging to find plants that grow in little to no sunlight and that will also survive the cold of winter. Many plants that can tolerate deep shade grow in tropical rainforests and just can't handle our winter low temperatures. Aspidistra Elatior or "Cast Iron Plant" is one of the few plants that can tolerate virtually no direct sunlight and can survive the winter. 

"Cast Iron Plant" is nearly invincible, which is how it acquired its name. Even the least experienced gardener should have no problem growing "Cast Iron Plant." It can tolerate the heat and cold. It's only weakness is direct sunlight. The luscious, dark green foliage is very attractive and adds interesting texture as it spreads through the area it is planted in. This evergreen shrub grows 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and spreads at a moderate rate by underground stems. "Cast Iron Plant" can also be kept inside as a houseplant if you're looking for an easy to grow houseplant.

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