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Forever Goldy Arborvitae
Thuja Forever Goldy
Thuja Forever Goldy
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The Forever Goldy Arborvitae, also known as Thuja occidentalis 'Forever Goldy', is a compact, evergreen tree prized for its vibrant golden foliage and its versatility in the landscape. Here are some key features of the Forever Goldy Arborvitae:

  1. Appearance: Forever Goldy Arborvitae is a compact, slow-growing shrub with a conical growth habit. It typically reaches a height of about 10 to 12 feet, and spread of 3 to 4 feet. The most striking feature of this plant is its bright golden-yellow foliage, which retains its color throughout the year. In colder climates, the foliage may take on a slightly bronze tint in winter.

  2. Hardiness: Forever Goldy Arborvitae is hardy in USDA zones 5-8, making it suitable for a wide range of climates. It is tolerant of cold temperatures and adapts well to various soil types, including clay and sandy soils.

  3. Sunlight: This evergreen shrub thrives in full sun to partial shade. While it can tolerate some shade, it will develop the best color in full sun.

  4. Landscape Use: Forever Goldy Arborvitae is a versatile tree that can be used in a variety of landscape settings. It works well as a specimen plant, in foundation plantings, or in mixed borders. It can also be planted in containers on patios or decks.

  5. Maintenance: Forever Goldy Arborvitae is relatively low-maintenance. It benefits from regular watering during the first growing season to establish a strong root system. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering. Pruning is generally not necessary unless you want to maintain a specific size or shape. If needed, prune in late winter or early spring before new growth emerges.

Overall, Forever Goldy Arborvitae is prized for its vibrant golden foliage, compact size, and ease of care, making it an excellent choice for adding color and texture to the landscape with minimal effort.


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Specimen Tree
10-12 Feet
3-3.5 Feet
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Full Sun
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