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Thuja Green Giant
Thuja Green Giant
Thuja Green Giant
Thuja Green Giant
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Thuja Green Giant
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"Green Giant" is a popular and well-known cultivar of Thuja standishii x plicata, commonly known as the Western Red Cedar. Here are some key features of the Green Giant Arborvitae:

  1. Size: Green Giant Arborvitae is known for its rapid growth, and it can reach impressive heights. Mature specimens can grow up to 25 to 30 feet tall with a spread of about 8 to 10 feet.

  2. Growth Rate: This cultivar is recognized for its fast growth, making it a popular choice for those looking to establish a screen or hedge relatively quickly.

  3. Foliage: The foliage of the Green Giant Arborvitae is scale-like and maintains a rich green color throughout the year. The dense, layered branches provide excellent coverage.

  4. Shape: The tree has a naturally pyramidal shape, and its branches are held in a somewhat vertical orientation, giving it an elegant appearance.

  5. Versatility: Green Giant Arborvitae is often used as a privacy screen, windbreak, or as a specimen tree in larger landscapes. Its size and growth rate make it a valuable choice for creating a living wall or barrier.

  6. Drought Tolerance: Once established, Green Giant Arborvitae is relatively drought-tolerant. However, regular watering is recommended, especially during dry periods.

  7. Sunlight Requirements: It thrives in full sun to partial shade, although it generally prefers full sun for optimal growth.

  8. Hardiness: This arborvitae cultivar is hardy in USDA zones 5 to 8, making it suitable for a wide range of climates.

When planting Green Giant Arborvitae, it's essential to provide adequate spacing considering its mature size and to ensure proper soil drainage. Regular pruning may be necessary to maintain a desired shape, especially if it is used as a hedge or screen. Overall, the Green Giant Arborvitae is valued for its combination of fast growth, attractive foliage, and versatility in landscaping applications.


Climate Zone:
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Mature Height:
25-30 Feet
Mature Width:
8-10 Feet
Sun Exposure:
Full Sun/Part Sun
Attracts Pollinators:
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Deer Resistant:
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