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For our most detailed landscape design, we recommend the computer rendering option. Our landscape designers upload photos of your house/landscape into our computer software and produce a digital rendering of your landscape with mature plants. This option begins at $595 for one frame and includes up to three edits to ensure the plants and layout are exactly what you want. With this option you'll be able to see what your landscape will look like in 2-3 years when the plants reach maturity. Additional digital rendering frames along with pricing can be discussed at time of service. On-site landscape consultations* are highly recommended for this option.

Recent Examples of Digital Landscape Designs

Information we will need:

  • Address, phone number, and email address
  • Full picture of house or landscape to be designed
  • Close pictures of beds, crevices, or areas to be designed
  • Length and depth of beds or planting space
  • Sun exposure
  • Any other pertinent information, including:
    • Height of windows
    • Water spigot location
    • Drainage issues
    • Trees not pictured that may cause more shade.

Benefits of working with a landscape designer:

  • Get ideas from staff who design successful landscapes every day.
  • Talk with a professional who will consider your interests.
  • Learn what plants will work well with your sun exposure.

*On-site consultations:
We can come to your property, take measurements and photos, and talk with you about your landscape design goals. For availability and pricing, please contact the office at: (828) 874-0679 or by email at:

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