Rewards Program

Earn rewards for shopping with us!

We are thankful for your business! As a reward for shopping at our nursery, you can now earn in-store credit for your purchases. 

How it works

When you shop with us, you will receive 5% of your purchase amount back as rewards credit on purchases $20 or greater. Redeem on your next visit! Redeem up to $50 at a time.

How can I check my balance? 

Check your balance at the bottom or your receipt or in your online user account.

Do points expire?

All points expire June 30, 2024. Don't loose your points. Come see us, and take home the healthiest plants alive!

Terms and Conditions: Customers earn 5% back on purchases totaling $20 or more. Customers can earn up to $400 per ticket. Redeem on plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, soil, fertilizers, gardening supplies, landscape design, delivery. Customers may redeem up to $50 per ticket.


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