Landscape Design


Free Landscape Design Service

Sketch-and-Go! is our quick and free solution to landscape design. A one-stop solution to a design and the proper materials for your landscape! We help hundreds of customers improve their landscapes each year with this free service.

Scaled Drawings

Detailed Landscape Plans

If you're looking for more detail about where to place the plants and how big they will get, choose the scaled drawing. Our landscape designers will help you improve the curb appeal of your home or plan the perfect backyard oasis!

Digital Renderings

Our top-tier option for visualizing your new landscape.

This service provides computerized imagery of what your landscape will look like when your plants reach maturity. This option is great for larger projects, new installs, and businesses.

Delivery and Placement

Yes, we deliver plants from our tree and plant nursery!

The Settlemyre Nursery team can delivery your plants, soil amendments, and mulch! We can use our experience to place the shrubs and trees in the most favorable and attractice spots.  


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