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For those who want more detail...

The scaled drawing is great for homeowners who would like a more detailed drawing than we can offer with our free sketch-and-go service. These drawings are done to-scale by our trained landscape designers here at the nursery. Your drawing will include an overhead placement diagram with a key. On-site landscape consultations are available* and may be needed for this service. This landscape design solution begins at $295.

Information we will need:

  • Address, phone number, and email address
  • Full picture of house or landscape to be designed
  • Close pictures of beds, crevices, or areas to be designed
  • Length and depth of beds or planting space
  • Sun exposure
  • Any other pertinent information, including:
    • Height of windows
    • Water spigot location
    • Drainage issues
    • Trees not pictured that may cause more shade.

Benefits of working with a landscape designer:

  • Get ideas from staff who design successful landscapes every day.
  • Talk with a professional who will consider your interests.
  • Learn what plants will work well with your sun exposure.

*On-site consultations:
We can come to your property, take measurements and photos, and talk with you about your landscape design goals. For availability and pricing, please contact the office at: (828) 874-0679 or by email at:

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