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Rhododendron Maximum Roseum Blush Pink 3 Gallon

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Rhododendron Maximum Roseum Blush Pink 3 Gallon
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Rhododendron maximum 'Roseum' is a specific cultivar of Rhododendron maximum, commonly known as rosebay rhododendron or great laurel. Here's some information about it:

  1. Description: Rhododendron maximum 'Roseum' is an evergreen shrub that typically grows to a height of 6 to 10 feet with a similar spread, though it can grow larger under optimal conditions. It features large, leathery leaves and produces clusters of pale pink to rose-colored flowers in late spring or early summer. The flowers are tubular with five petals and have a delicate fragrance.

  2. Growing Conditions: 'Roseum' rhododendron prefers partial shade to full shade and well-drained, acidic soil rich in organic matter. It thrives in cool, moist environments and benefits from regular watering, especially during dry periods. Mulching around the base of the plant can help retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature.

  3. Blooming Season: Rhododendron maximum 'Roseum' typically blooms in late spring or early summer, usually from May to June, depending on the climate. The flowers are borne in large, showy clusters at the ends of the branches and last for several weeks, providing a stunning display of color in the garden.

  4. Maintenance: This cultivar generally requires minimal maintenance once established. Pruning is usually not necessary unless the plant becomes leggy or overgrown. Deadheading spent flowers can help promote next year's blooms. Fertilizing with a rhododendron-specific fertilizer in spring can provide additional nutrients for healthy growth and flowering.

  5. Landscaping Uses: Rhododendron maximum 'Roseum' is commonly used as a specimen plant or focal point in gardens, borders, and woodland settings. Its large size and colorful flowers make it a striking addition to shaded or woodland areas. It can also be planted in groups for mass plantings or used as a natural screen or windbreak.

Overall, Rhododendron maximum 'Roseum' is a beautiful and versatile shrub that adds color and texture to the landscape with its vibrant flowers and evergreen foliage. With proper care and maintenance, it can thrive for many years, providing enjoyment season after season.


Climate Zone:
Plant Type:
Flowering Shrub
Mature Height:
6-10 Feet
Mature Width:
6-10 Feet
Sun Exposure:
Filtered Sun/ Shade
Bloom Time:
Flower Color:
Attracts Pollinators:
Growth Rate:
Deer Resistant:
Soil Type:
3 Gallon

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