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B&B Dogwood Celestial Shadow Variegated White

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B&B Dogwood Celestial Shadow Variegated White
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The Celestial Dogwood, scientifically known as Cornus florida 'Celestial', is a cultivar of the flowering dogwood tree. Here's some information about it:

  1. Description: Celestial Dogwood is a deciduous tree that typically grows to a height of about 10-20 feet and a spread of 20-30 feet. It features a broad, rounded canopy and horizontal branching. The tree produces large, showy white flowers in early spring before the leaves emerge. These flowers give way to glossy red fruit in the fall, which is attractive to birds. The foliage is green during the growing season and may develop reddish-purple hues in the fall.

  2. Growing Conditions: Celestial Dogwood prefers moist, well-drained soil and partial shade to full sun. It thrives in temperate climates and benefits from regular watering, especially during hot and dry periods. Proper siting and care are essential for the health and vigor of the tree.

  3. Blooming Season: The large, white flowers of Celestial Dogwood typically bloom in early to mid-spring, depending on the climate. The blooms last for several weeks, adding a burst of color to the landscape. As the flowers fade, the tree's foliage emerges, providing additional visual interest throughout the growing season.

  4. Maintenance: Celestial Dogwood generally requires minimal maintenance once established. Regular watering during dry periods, especially in the first few years after planting, can help promote healthy growth and flowering. Pruning may be necessary to maintain the tree's shape and remove any dead or diseased branches.

  5. Landscaping Uses: Celestial Dogwood is a versatile tree that can be used as a specimen tree, focal point, or accent plant in gardens, borders, and naturalized areas. Its large white flowers, attractive foliage, and colorful fall fruit make it a popular choice for residential landscapes, parks, and public spaces.

Overall, Celestial Dogwood is a beautiful and ornamental tree prized for its large white flowers, attractive foliage, and colorful fall fruit. With proper care and maintenance, it can be a stunning addition to any landscape, providing year-round beauty and interest.


Climate Zone:
Plant Type:
Flowering Tree
Mature Height:
20-30 Feet
Mature Width:
10-20 Feet
Sun Exposure:
Full Sun/ Partial Shade
Bloom Time:
Flower Color:
Attracts Pollinators:
Growth Rate:
Deer Resistant:
Soil Type:

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